Hi there, I’m Morgan!

You’ll usually see me with a bun on top my head, in leggings and a muscle tank. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not trying to show off the guns. I am very particular about many things, such as sleeves being in my way, or the seams on my socks rubbing my toes wrong. My mind is like an creative tornado at all times. I am usually working, even when I’m laying in bed at night trying to sleep. I’m always planning and brainstorming for my next project. I find my most inspired ideas come to me in the shower. (Showers are such a waste of time! It’s hard to multitask while bathing.) I’ve thought about installing a large dry erase board in the shower for such occasions. I tend to make unrealistic todo lists. I usually have 11-30 tasks listed, of which 7 are actually completed. (Yes, adding breakfast & lunch(and snack) to your todo list is acceptable!) Checking tasks off my list makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside! I love a challenge. I have a problem with over extending myself. I think that I’m am so efficient I can complete any task. I am frustrated every time I have to drive across town for an errand and hit all the red lights or traffic is backed up. Sometimes, (most of the time) I find it hard to accept that there are external factors in the universe that play roles in my day to day life, and I will never be able to control everything. So that, in a nutshell, is me! Morgan Elizabeth Whitson - MEOW Lady. (Oh yea… I like cats)


If you must know more, or like cats, you can click through the slide show below!